Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Papa - the Fisherman! {Sketchy Thursdays}

Due to a computer "blip" I could not post this before the deadline - barely missing it!  PHOOEY!!  Well, at least I scrapped some more memories!! And I wanted to share it anyway!!

The Sketchy Thursday sketch for the week was cool, consisting of 4 photo slots.  I've had this collection of photos from a wonderful visit with my DEAR grandfather in Louisiana. 

"My Papa - the Fisherman!"

My grandfather LOVED to fish!!  He also loved to hunt ... really anything outdoors!
This visit to Louisiana, my heart was FILLED with joy as I watched my Papa fish at Granny's pond with my family! Shane and the kids had a great time, and Papa smiled, his precious sweet smile, the entire day!

To include all the wonderful memories of this day, I flipped the sketch and made a few small changes to create the second page of the layout.  

Here is the 2-page layout together!  :) 

What a wonderful memory!! ♥ (I miss you, Papa!)

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