Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank-ful Ollie Owl {Sweet 'n Sassy}

Posting this 2nd card for the Sweet 'n Sassy Sketch SSS94.

Ollie Owl was one of my first Sweet 'n Sassy images. He has dorned many-a-card, for many-a-reason! I have sent Ollie with a quilled graduation cap, with a cut-out tie, and now I've folded paper flowers for his little chest feathers! :)

Ok, before you think I'm clever, I'll tell you - I TOTALLY saw this on another crafter's card sometime last spring. I think it may have even been on a Sweet Stop sketch. :) Isn't it the greatest idea?? If I could find it, I would link to it to give her all the credit! :) Very coolness!

And don't you love the look on his face! I can't figure out if he's upset, confused, put-out, avoiding, ? What's up, Ollie? :)

He's so fun!!


  1. Adorable!!! I love the colors and the feathers are wonderful.BTW the picture of your puppies is so sweet:)

  2. LOVIN' the folded flowers on his chest! Awesome idea!