Thursday, February 10, 2011

Him {Page Maps}

Here is the FUN Page Maps sketch for the February contest!

I really liked the look of this sketch, and KNEW right away what picture I wanted to use! I have had this picture of my baby boy sitting near my craft-scrap table for months, waiting to be adorned!

I actually had a 12x12 zip-lock bag (from my LSS) with items I had been gathering for this particular LO ...

*A few sheets in this amazingly rustic Cosmo Cricket DP line {Halfway Cafe: Amarillo} that I had purchased was perfectly matched with this BW photo taken in an old barn that my husband was remodeling. The kids and I had gone out to the job with him that day to "help". It was freezing cold - we had a thermous of coffee, some junk food, music, and lots of laughs!

*2 blue jean hems that Joshua removed from his pants one day because they were falling off - because he wears his jeans so long that they drag the ground and ... tear off!? :)

*My hubby's used guitar string that was rolled up and reminded me of a lasso or something :)

*A piece of corrugated cardboard that I kept because it looked like the wall in the barn that we were tearing down that day
*A tag that I had salvaged from clothing we purchased just because I liked the colors and the string on it :) *Hey, everything's an embellishment! Don't forget it!
*and 1 copper heart that Joshua crafted for me out of Dad's scraps on the ground the day this photo was taken!

This page is SO SPECIAL to me!!

It was also taken just as our family of 5 had made the decision to make a move back "home" to Florida from our ♥home♥ in Virginia that we had known for 12 years ... where our kids had grown up ... where WE had grown up! :) This was a very special time when our family grew together, grew closer as we faced - HEAD-ON - this tough, but exciting adventure we were starting out on ... following the Lord's plan for us, stepping out in faith, leaving so much that we held dear, to face the 'unknown'.

The heart ... My heart ... it holds lots! ... sometimes so much that it feels it's going to burst! :) When I think of my family, my kids, my wonderful husband, my friends ... the countless blessings that God has so graciously given me ... yep, bursting ... saturated ... overflowing! :)

Thank you, Lord!


  1. Love, love, love this! Your LO is perfection and the story behind it is so sweet. I really need to get back to doing more LO's....they are so special and important. hugs...

  2. I adore the jeans as embellishments! Great layout!