Saturday, March 27, 2010

PageMaps Contest

I am anxious to even think about the prize for this PageMaps Challenge .... Look!

YES! A Cricut! How generous of them! :)

Here is my entry . . . (crossing my fingers) . . .

"Being real with each other . . .
Every other week over coffee. In laughter or tears;
pain or joy. Really real - No matter what!
Through illness, job loss, adoption, financial hardship, family trials, life altering decisions and countless joys – We were genuine! We remained ready and willing to give and receive encouragement, truth and love!
We grew together over those years, as a delicate flower ~ Kelly, the resourceful roots; Julie, our steady stem; and me, the hopeful bud. What a blessing . . .
Our Fellowship Group!"

The three of us were assigned to be "accountability partners" by the wise counsel of a dear friend, who was also our care group leader's wife (small groups at our local church). The three of us had known one another for quite a while, but were not noteably "close". BOY! We had NO idea how God would use this little group of ours to grow us! We encouraged one another in truth and care more than any of us could have ever imagined! What an amazing 4 years! Over the past year, two of us have moved to different states while one is back "home" in Virginia, but we are still THERE for one another . . . still confiding in one another . . . STILL GENUINE!

*I love those girls!*

Well, whether I win this awesomely wonderful crafting machine, this sketch was great fun, as usual; and it is ALWAYS a blessing to recount the gifts God has given me .... especially friends!!!

Blessings to all! :)

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