Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok, I stole my daughter's word, but this TRULY IS amazingness!!! :D

When looking at a Custom Crops email, (who by the way has really great prices on Cricut cartidges and lots of other crafty things) I noticed at the VERY bottom a notice that states:

"Looking for an image? Can't remember what Cricut cartridge it's on?
Don't flip through all of your handbooks! Use instead.
Click here to try it! You'll be glad you did! "

JUST YESTERDAY I was thinking (yet again) that should have some sort of handy-dandy search engine to FIND particular images with one little word!!! And YES, they nailed me! I am the one that will flip through all my handbooks to look for that ONE image that I KNOW I've seen somewhere!! Also, on the "What this cartridge can cut" links, they just don't show many of the images that are actually contained! Of course when buying a new one, I'm always very pleasantly surprised to find images that I didn't know it contained! But at I'll be able to look with the click of a button to find which new cartridge I might be able to buy next to fill my lacking images.

Amazing work,!!!! LOVE IT!!

Check it out!!! :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing our website with all of your readers. My family worked VERY hard to create this site.

    I was just like you . . . spending way too much time flipping through handbooks to find an image I KNEW I had seen before, and thank goodness my programmer husband knew how to create a website that could help me, and other Cricut owners, with this challenge.

    Happy Crafting!
    The Mom of the family that created